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Welcome to Solid Points

  • Solid Points (SOPO) is a GTA Online PC crew founded to avoid playing with random players. We are a community of approximately 80 members. Every day there are different activities going on, and we focus on cooperation and fair play.
  • Part of our crew is called the Family. This is a mafia-themed inner circle of our most trusted and skilled members, bringing special themed events and more. Any other SOPO member is part of the Society. They work tightly together with the Family, but stick to our regular crew activities.
  • Free-mode, MC, CEO, playlists, races, deathmatches, heists, car meets... If you can think of something, our crew probably does it. We use a Teamspeak channel for communicating and grouping up. Having a mic is not needed, but joining TS during crew events is.

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If you wish to enter our crew, create an account and press 'Apply'. You will be contacted by our Staff and welcomed to our Teamspeak server. After playing with us for a few days, we give you an introduction to the crew and provide you with the SOPO Social Club crew tag.

Check the event calendar for crew events and activities.

Visit our Forums for conversations and more information.

Other than that, have a look on our Youtube channel or view our crew pictures to get a vibe of our community.
Snapmatic Contest Winners
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Fulkinini / Jun 20, 2017

Welcome to our newest Staff member:Naralin (Baguette)He has been promoted to Racketeer, a full Staff member within the Enterprise quarters. Naralin was already part of the Family when he decided it is time to help out the crew with his heisting e...

BruceAlmighty120 / Jun 18, 2017

Correction to tag the member due kudos: The "anonymous" donation from last time was actually none other than AndroidJazz! He just made it difficult for me to track him down when donating! Thanks for the donation AndroidJazz! :) Every dollar is pre...

BruceAlmighty120 / Jun 10, 2017

We report 4 new donations to the crew.1. KatRavens donated $12.50 - This will certainly cover the costs of another month of TS, not that it is needed at this time! I for 1 certainly appreciate the reliability and availability of the TS server. Tha...

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Rockstar Confirmations

Hi guys,Just a quick tip; if you're struggling to prove how much modded money they swept, open another ticket and ask. They'll respond asking you to confirm by email and then give the exact figures; took me less than 24 hours :)- VV
KatRavens added a forum post

Podymczak - introduction

Hiya Bats 😋Welcome to Solid PointsHope to see you in game, preferably in a black Zentorno 😆~Kat
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Uni_1988 added a new comment in New Staff Member: Naralin
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Podymczak - introduction

I guess one of you has to become robin.Anyway, Welcome to the crew!
Fulkinini added a forum post

Podymczak - introduction

Oh god, two of you now? ;-)Welcome to the community, Pody. Hope you'll enjoy it here.~F
WIELJW added a forum post

Manrock45 Introduction

Welcome to the crew, Dwayne Johnson!
WIELJW added a forum post

Podymczak - introduction

Hello, welcome to the crew..It's nice to meet a bat-nerd here, let me introduce myself.I am Batman.
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