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Welcome to Solid Points

  • Solid Points (SOPO) is a GTA Online PC crew founded to avoid playing with random players. We are a community of approximately 80 members. Every day there are different activities going on, and we focus on cooperation and fair play.
  • Part of our crew is called the Family. This is a mafia-themed inner circle of our most trusted and skilled members, bringing special themed events and more. Any other SOPO member is part of the Society. They work tightly together with the Family, but stick to our regular crew activities.
  • Free-mode, MC, CEO, playlists, races, deathmatches, heists, car meets... If you can think of something, our crew probably does it. We use a Teamspeak channel for communicating and grouping up. Having a mic is not needed, but joining TS is.

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If you wish to enter our crew, create an account and press 'Apply'. You will be contacted by our Staff and welcomed to our Teamspeak server. After playing with us for a few days, we give you an introduction to the crew and provide you with the SOPO Social Club crew tag.

Check the event calendar for crew events and activities.

Visit our Forums for conversations and more information.

Other than that, have a look on our Youtube channel or view our crew pictures to get a vibe of our community.
Fulkinini / Aug 08, 2017

We did it again, boys.Due to the hard work of Victor, me and everyone who signed up on to show their support, we have regained our righteous title...Crew of the Month!!!Not just for August. They were so confident of our superiority ...

Fulkinini / Aug 06, 2017

The crew's Treasurer Bruce has been complaining about how hard life is on him recently, especially when it comes to figuring out who sends us donations. Thanks, Johnny, for the 10 bucks - whoever you may be! I've decided to get some stress away fr...

VictorViolet / Jul 20, 2017

Hey ho SOPO's! We've got a treat for you today in the form of a special ITC article; this week we have Family Delegato and official Treasurer BruceAmighty120. We see the reports, we see the list of valued donations. We use the services the donatio...

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Legacy Car Meet

Date: Aug 19, 2017
Time: 10:00 PM
Category: Casual