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Story Mode Themed Missions

Date: Jun 01, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: RusATiLa
Category: Mixed Playlist
Story Mode Themed Missions (2)

Second installation of story mode missions recreated.
Prime Time: 9PM

Mission List:
  • Father, Son – Michael's yacht got stolen yet again. Its time to give chase.
  • Keen Interest – Before Michael got Tracy out, there was quite a fight for her on the yacht.
  • Daddy's Little Girl – Tracy decided to get into movie business, through water based activities.
  • Crystal Craze – O'Neils got hit hard by Trevor. Now its time to take them for what little they have left.
  • Blitz Play – Its Cops versus Robbers, fighting it out after the powerful trio has vanished.

16 participants max.



Probably can't make it to this one, I believe I have a long work day then. Can recommend this playlist, it's pretty crazy. Melee fight, boat race, and a crazy capture mission with tons of cops ;)
nah, thats a different playlist
there is everything you mentioned but the cops thing is in a different playlist
Which playlist is that on, 1 or 3? I wanna join that one, it was also cops vs robbers at a bank in the Paleto Bay. With cops... lots of them.
Yep, I'm working that night.
Ill maybe be able to join but i probably wont be able to stick around for the entire event
Time Zones are clashing ones....will be sleeping at that point and even if i was awake mum would shut down 'ze pc 😥.....hopefully this will change by the end of this year (Spoiler Alert: Moving to Western Hemisphere)
Remember there are sometimes events at earlier times as well, such as the heist event that Naralin has planned for coming Saturday.

On weekdays, we can only make events in the evening/night because of work/studies. If we would have Enterprise members from Asian/Pacific timezones, it would be different.
Sometimes i get allowance to wake up all night then i join for events like i joined for the Crew Photoshoot earlier this hopefully will be able to join some events or when max. amount of crew members are online
None the less this is a great idea....never thought of it myself about bringing singleplayer to online....Good Job Rus (

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