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Anotha Golf Tournament! Signup and Practice ends

Date: Jun 11, 2017
Time: 06:59 AM
Posted by: BruceAlmighty120
Category: Tournament
Sign up here:
Hope you got some practice!


why is the the time in the morning
It "expires" at midnight for me. The time shouldn't really matter anyway, if you want to participate why haven't you signed up already?
Could the event be at later time in the afternoon or the evening like the other two events after this one. I am signed now btw.
i am not able to play early in the morning
Reading comprehension is required (sorry if English is confusing for you). This is just an end to the signups and designated practice period. Signup whenever you like. Practice whenever you like. I've got you signed up, so at the worst case you don't play and submit screenshots before Rounds 1 and 2 end (which is a different "event") and you are disqualified. Play whenever you like, just play with someone else so there is no question what's legit. I will send out reminders after the signup period ends. Read this: and let me know if you still have questions or doubts.

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