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Story Mode Themed Missions

Date: Jun 06, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: RusATiLa
Category: Mixed Playlist
Story Mode Themed Missions (3)

Third installation of story mode missions recreated.

Prime Time:9PM

Mission List:
  • Did Someone Say Yoga(Deathmatch) – Michael's house has become a battle ground because of a yoga class. Now isn't that ironic.
  • I Fought The Law...(Race) – The highway patrol are giving chase on their trusty bikes.
  • The Paleto Heist(Capture) – The bank in Paleto Bay just got robbed. Its time for you to grab what else is left from the aftermath of an another Heist done by the trio.
  • Derailed(Deathmatch) – After Trevor has derailed the train carrying all kinds of expensive cargo, every one in the area decided to poke around the wreckedge.
  • Caida Libre(Race) – Michael did his part in shooting down the plane. Now its up to you to get to the crash zone.

16 participants max.

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Woohoo! Looking forward to this!
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