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Innuendo Evening

Date: Jun 09, 2017
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: RusATiLa
Category: Special Event
Innuendo Evening with Rus.

Dear Friends, we have great news, CookiesChef has donated a couple of steam codes to our Prize pot.
Due to the exciting theme of the games presented, we have decided to provide you with an opportunity to compete in an "adult" event, presenting yourself as the next Top Pin Up Model of the Crew. You will judged by the experts of female contest holders, so be prepared and show your best (wink wink).

The Event shall include 4 stages:
  • Female and Male sexy underwear competition Show aboard Rus's majestic yacht.
  • Interesting and exciting Narration challenge.
  • A round of Cards Against Humanity (Erotica related deck).
  • And finally a "Questions to the models" round.
The 1st Pin Up Model will receive a code for an exciting look into the Japanese School Girl Culture, while the 2nd Pin Up Model will receive an exclusive experience of traveling with an attractive hitch hiker.
This will take place at 7 PM.
Hope to see you there. :-*



Can people create a gta character just for this?
" exciting look into the Japanese School Girl Culture.."
I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.

Working this weekend and sadly a night shift on Friday so I won't be able to show you I'm a cowboy on the streets and an uncle in the sheets. Wait no, it was the other way around I think. Still sounds perverted that way. Damnit, I'm going to stop writing now.
Any minimum age requirements? XD
Cookies, I'm totally checking your Steam Games list right now. Jussayin.....

Lulu from FFX is ma waifu desu? Arigato!!
....well I would if you'd sign the damn Steam roster already :P
We're gonna have a lot of kicking to do soon LOL
I would love to go, but i'm gone at that time at my state golf finals, so disappointed that I couldn't go because it sounds really fun, even though if i won I would give the games away since I hate anime, but I know i'm participating in a once in a life time thing tomorrow so yeah. Good Luck!
Good luck at the finals
Someone please give me a lowdown of this, I can't attend but will have a field day with it on the Steam Group
Can i spectate XD
NO easy, NO, Your mom didnt raise you to watch anime and waste money on katanas
Or body pillows. If you don't know what they are don't Google them.

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