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SOPO Family - Casual Fun Event

Date: Jun 11, 2017
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Fulkinini
Category: Family
SOPO Family - Casual Fun Event

This event will be for SOPO Family members only.


click here for a countdown timer


At the Vinewood Walk of Fame. Right in front of the cinema.


1) Car Meet

Bring any ridiculous land vehicle and outfit. If looking at it hurts the eye, it's allowed!

2) Adversary Modes

We've had enough serious shit the last couple of weeks. Time for some leisure.

1. Hunting Pack VI
2. Rhino Hunt II
3. Siege Mentality IV
4. Running Back I
5. Till Death Do Us Part III
6. Slasher V

*Maximum participants for the playlist = 8


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Nice event, thanks Fulk!

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