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Just Another Summer Event

Date: Jun 10, 2017
Time: 09:00 PM
Posted by: BruceAlmighty120
Category: Casual
Just another summer event, y'all! Nothing screams summer like American Muscle (OK well to ME at least!), so bring your custom Dukes (just listen to that engine purr!) to the beach just north of the Del Perro pier. DOD welcome as well. Other American Muscle cars welcomed as well if you have strong preference to some other. Any super cars WILL BE driven/pushed into the ocean.

We will have a car meet followed by a high-dive challenge, and then a try-hard relaxing playlist with at least one RPG vs Insurgent entry, cause, y'know summer and stuff. Yea! Peace, out.


I got the question of what cars are eligible for the meet - it's technically a "Dukes" event but I don't want to limit. If you can pick something else that would qualify as "muscle" that's cool. Just don't pick a super car! 😕
Does the rhino (or savage hovering above) count as 'MURICA!!! ... ?
I wont be able to show up after all guys. Have fun.

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