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SOPO Family - Conspiracy

Date: Jun 18, 2017
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Fulkinini
Category: Family
SOPO Family - Conspiracy

This event will be for SOPO Family members only.


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At the Harmony Truck Stop, in the desert.


1) Rendezvous
One of our assets is under attack. Some of us had business to settle in Sandy Shores, so we meet up at a truck stop in Harmony. Try to bring your Family car and outfit, but the most important thing is to get there in time.

2) Sprint
A quick point-to-point race to the spot we need to defend. Get there as fast as possible, because every minute counts here.

3) Defend
We put together all our forces to keep our asset from falling into enemy hands. [CEO mission. Either we split up or ask Fellows for this part. No miniguns and explosive weapons.]

4) Survive
Something is not right. The police doesn't show up to give us a hand, they attack us straight away. We have no other option than surviving until our friend Lester has hacked into the police system to cancel whatever manhunt we have been tricked into.

5) Playlist
To end the day we do four different jobs together in a short playlist. Two land races, one deathmatch and one capture job.

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