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Heist: Series A Funding

Date: Jun 18, 2017
Time: 03:00 PM
Posted by: Naralin
Category: Heist
Heist: Series A Funding

Date: Sunday, June 18, 2017
Countdown Timer: CLICK HERE

Hey you who is reading this and asking yourself if you should join.
We all know working for Trevor and Ron is a pain but let's be honest, you need it. Why?
You need money to afford the Gunrunning materials.
You are too broke to fast track your bunker's researches.
You want to spend some time so your stock seems to fill up faster.

A short meeting point will be held at the location below.
There won't be any specific outfit/car to bring, we are simply going to make the groups there.

Maximum participants: No limit. As many as we can then we will split into different groups of 4.
People signing-up up after Saturday 17th June (11:59PM) will be rejected if a full group cannot be made.

No specific rules, no need to be tryhards.
Gear up and get ready to put your lives on the line to complete the missions and deserve your money!
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At 4:00PM I need to be afk for 15-30 minutes, to discuss some things with my neighbour whose cats I'll be feeding next week ;-)

Probably halfway in the heist by then. If my teammates don't want to wait a bit, they can find someone else to finish it with.
Thank you for letting me know. We will see how it goes when it happens I guess.

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