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Super Stunt Races

Date: Aug 12, 2017
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Fulkinini
Category: Racing

Super Stunt Races

The best and highest rated R*-created Stunt Races for Super cars!

Date: Saturday, 12 August, 2017

Countdown Timer: Click Here


1. Plummet
(click here for more info on this job)

2. Canyon Crossing
(click here for more info on this job)

3. East Coast
(click here for more info on this job)

4. Vespucci
(click here for more info on this job)

5. Downtown Loop
(click here for more info on this job)

6. Chiliad
(click here for more info on this job)

Playlist will be max. 16 players.



Oh yea, forgot to add:

The three fastest racers (i.e. top scorers at the end of the playlist) will receive a certain well-known Steam game.
Some already have it, but in case they win, the prize will be passed down to the 4th place etc.
good incentive, looking forward to it!
Don't know if i can join anymore.. the fucking power went out
it´s back, so i´ll join if it doesn´t happen again
have a birthday party tonight, so not gonna make it:(. but I'm gonna get wasted so that's the good part:)
sadly i won't be able to come to the event since my stupid school thought it was a good idea to run around in a park while getting hit with water while the temperature was like 15 degrees also throwing color powder at you, They called it a Color run..... so now I'm sick

Fu#king Idiots
No worries 😆 take it easy.

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