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Car Show

Date: Aug 11, 2017
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: ImSoEz
Category: Meeting

Car Show

Dont show off in free roam do it here! you can be a douche bag who only cares about himself we dont jugde! Jokes aside bring us the vehicle you think will make everyone else go into the corner to cry beceause they are ashamed of themselves. If you cant do that then you can come and see all the sexy cars! (You still have to bring a car!) Oh and btw there is a small prize that will be reavealed at the end

No trolling no explosives,
One fack up and you are out!
If you bring a rat loader or something like that will count as trolling!
If you are unsure if a car is appropriate then send me a picture of the car

Im not gonna be a 13 year old babysitter so behave!

Reading this is not a choise its

How we are doing it
First we are gonna do a meet where we will take a few pictures then we will begin the "Car Show"
Everyone participating will come to the front of the beach to a spot we are gonna pick at the event where the car is gonna be showcased and jugded by me and 2 others (The 2 others will be revealed at the event)

Date: Friday, August 11, 2017

Countdown Timer: CLICK HERE




well i am working to 7pm uk time which is the start time as well so might not be able to be there sorry to say would have been fun
Hopefully you can make it if not ill send you a picture of a person not being able to decide which car to choose

(Yes an inside joke)

I'll be late - can't make that time - so moved to "maybe" but will show up and hopefully join you guys along the road.
^^ I see the social media is started to affect your speech centre. That's where it starts

Point score

ABZC = 20.5 points
STIX = 21
r0ss0 = 24
Atlas = 19
Prespection = 22.5
Naralin = 23
Vaskarbid = 20.5
Chief = 18
Knvies = 23
Stix = 22
Jordi = 22.5 (came late/disqualified)
18 points not bad
For someone who took a random car from the streets that turned out to completely match his outfit, yea, not bad.

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