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#12722483 Sep 20, 2016 at 01:02 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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Connecting to our Teamspeak server

Quick guide:

  • Get the latest TeamSpeak Client from the official Downloads page and install it.
  • Launch the TeamSpeak Client, hit the Connections menu and click Connect.
  • Enter our server address:
  • Enter our password: CriminalMasterMind
  • Choose a nickname.
  • Click Connect.

Direct connect:

Detailed guide:

  • Scroll down for a more detailed guide
#13081263 Feb 21, 2017 at 10:08 PM
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Just a few reasons why we rent a dedicated Teamspeak server, instead of using a free Discord channel:

  • Better stability and latency, 99,9%+ uptime.
  • Superior voice quality and customizable voice codecs.
  • Runs lighter and on any machine.
  • 15+ years of support (since 2001)
  • Survived and broke many other voice-comms (xfire - mumble - ventrilo and will outlive discord aswell)
  • Permissions system way more advanced, something which our crew needs for all the different ranks and corresponding permissions we have.
  • Private messages system.
  • Option to set hidden IP addresses for clients.
  • Doesn't invade your privacy by tracking, logging and administering both voice chat and written chat, to keep an eye on 'hate speech' etc. (something which you agree with when accepting Discord's terms of agreement).
  • Doesn't track your games/running apps (again, privacy is a valuable thing).
  • Server password without having to use bots.
  • Built-in option for overlays without the need for user-created scripts.
  • The extra features that Discord offers, are all offered on our website already. Think of some small things, like public chat that remains visible after logging out.
#13085275 Feb 23, 2017 at 03:15 PM · Edited 2 months ago
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Detailed guide:
(made by Jordan)

1. Downloading TS

(If you've already got Teamspeak downloaded, skip this part)

First you search Google for: "Teamspeak 3 download".

Then you click on the first site that comes up.

When you get on the website, you choose your computer system operation (probably windows), so you choose the first two links in the start.

(Make sure your on Client at the top)

Then you will start a download process, wait for it to finish.

2. Installing TS

(If you've already got Teamspeak installed, skip this part)

When the downloading is done, you should see an icon like this.

Click on it twice and follow the instructions.
First you will get this window.

Press NEXT. Then you will reach this window just scroll down and mark the check box that you agree to the Licenses and Agreement.
You need to scroll down and then the check box will be unlocked for you.

Then you reach the Choose Users window and you click on "just install for me"

Then choose the location you want Teamspeak to be installed.

Next stage you choose where to save the config files (just select the recommended location).

On this stage you either want to install it with OverWolf or not. OverWolf gives an overlay of your Teamspeak window when playing games. Just check the box if you want it, and click on INSTALL.

3. Setting up TS

(This stage is for when you've already installed Teamspeak and want to get into our server)

After it's finished installing, press this icon on your desktop.

Then it will open you this window right here.

On this window I'll show you two ways you can get into our server.

First way:
Click the 'Connection' button at the top and press 'Connect':
Then you fill out the stuff you need:
Server Address:
Server Password: CriminalMasterMind
Nickname: Your nickname (preferable your Social Club name)
And then you press Connect

Then you will reach that window and your done connected to the server.

Second way:
Go to 'Bookmarks' (next to Connections).
After this, you go to 'Manage Bookmarks'.
You will reach this window.

On the bottom line you will see Add Bookmark you press on that and it will give you this window.

Now just fill up the blanks like that or however you wish.
Bookmark name: Solid Points GTA V Crew.
Nickname: your Social Club Nickname.
Server Address:
Server Password: CriminalMasterMind.
And you're done. Press Apply and okay.

Now after you did this, whenever you press Bookmarks again you're going to see it saved and you just click it and log in automatically.

Thats it on how to join Teamspeak, hope it helped.
#13268172 May 27, 2017 at 10:51 AM
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Just for the record, guys. This Teamspeak server is a crew service. Me and everyone who has donated to the crew pay for this. Being a SOPO member has a lot of benefits and being able to join our TS is one of them.

Everyone who is about to apply, who is a friend of someone here, or who wants to check out our server for any other reason, is welcome to join for one day. After that we ask them to either apply or to come back whenever they do want to join. Members from other crews are welcome to join our TS during crew vs crew contests.

Players who decided to leave our crew and don't want to rejoin, are not welcome on our TS server. This is always carefully explained to them. If someone keeps on joining the TS without applying to the crew, then he's making use of a paid service of a crew that he doesn't even want to join. This is not allowed. Especially not if this person willingly tries to avoid admins.

Assisting a non-crew member (who doesn't want to apply) in this, will result in your own removal. This is my last official warning. I already have a list of our members who did this recently. Do this again if you want to be a non-member as well :-). You know I'm talking to you. We check every single log on TS. And trust me when I say that most people here favour to follow the rules, and will not be quiet when they see someone around here breaking the rules.
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