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The free-mode events we've had so far (we can repeat this some time if we want):

1) 'Convoy': Team one has a VIP who has a bounty placed on him. He can only use a pistol and has one life. The rest of his team are bodyguards, who can use any weapon and can respawn continiously. The VIP needs to reach a destination on the map. Team two needs to do everything to stop the VIP from reaching that destination.

2) 'Terrorism': Civil war unleashed a complete chaos in Los Santos. The President needs to get out of town immediately, but his convoy gets ambushed by a group of terrorists! There's no option other than standing ground with his remaining guards. Backup is only 5 minutes way. Guns only. No minigun, no explosives, no vehicles, no phone calls.

3) 'Duck Hunt': One guy needs to cross a small street, while everyone else tries to shoot him down (all standing in line from a distance). Whoever kills the 'duck', gets a point and becomes the duck himself. If the duck manages to cross the street safely, he gets a point and remains the duck. First to score 5 points wins.

4) 'Biker Brawl': On motorcycles/faggio's at the Big Mall parking lot. One player begins as Biker. He needs to convert other player by smashing them off their bikes with a melee weapon. If you get smashed off, you become a Biker as well. Only Bikers are allowed to use weapons. Game ends when everyone is a Biker.

5) 'Demolition Derby': Smash or be smashed. Steal a car from the streets and bring it to the airport hangar where the demolition begins. Last engine running wins.

6) 'Fast Draw': This challenge was fun last time. It's a challenge of both speed and accuracy. Two gunfighters stand back-to-back. When the referee marks the signal by throwing a grenade, they start walking forward (not running). As soon as it explodes, both gunfighters turn, aim and try to shoot the other in his head! Loser out, until there's one of us left. Heavy revolvers only, so make sure you buy one.

7) 'Piracy Prevention': AKA 'get off my fucking yacht'. The one who won the Duck Hunt gets to choose 1-3 teammates (depending on the amount of participants) to defend a yacht in a round of Piracy Prevention. No miniguns, no explosives, no fighter aircraft.

8) 'Hide & Seek': One trusted member is chosen as the 'slasher'. Everyone goes into first person mode and turns his radar off (this can't be checked of course, but it makes this game much more fun, so please do this). The goal is to hide for 5 minutes from the slasher, while you can only fight back with melee weapons. No one is allowed to go off the pier or in the water. Game ends when everyone is butchered! If the timer ends before everyone's dead, the survivors get to fight back with guns. No miniguns.

9) 'Purge': Release your inner psychopath. Everyone is given 30 seconds to drive away from the pier, before Los Santos turns into a full-blown battleground! This will take 10 minutes; if you don't wish to participate simply go into passive mode and stick around for the playlist :). Rules: No cheesing, no bullshark testosterone, no teaming, no miniguns, no hydras.

10) 'Mountaineering': We're going to put our off-road vehicles to the test, climbing some tough mountains and crossing areas you wouldn't be able to cross with your Faggio. This won't be a race, but an off-road test. We will drive in a trail, allowing everyone to attempt each of the challenges I came up with. If you lose your vehicle in the process, leave it behind and hop in with someone else. Will we keep enough engines running to make it to the end? Git gud!

11) 'Titan Retention': A Titan takes off from Sandy Shores airfield to fly over the hills to Los Santos airport. He is being escorted by a team of Annihilators. They face an opponent team of Annihilators who needs to take out the Titan before it's stored in one of the hangars. If you don't own an Annihilator, hop in with someone else and shoot from the sides with a rifle or machine gun. No explosives.

12) 'Zancudo Survival': Everyone will get together in an airplane to get dropped out right above Fort Zancudo. After parachuting down, we take over the control tower and hold out for as long as possible, against whatever the military has in stock for us