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So you have recently joined our ranks, or you have found us and are looking for some more info before applying to us. Below is some very important information regarding what our crew is all about.

These are not the rules of the crew, but it will give you a very good idea of what our community is about, and what it strives to be. This will hopefully give you a good indication whether this crew is in fact what you are looking for.

First and foremost, we are a fair play crew. This of course means that we have a very strict application process, and may ask you to provide proof, in various forms, that the funds you have earned on your character are indeed legitimate. In addition to this, we also will request that our members submit proof of earnings from time to time to make sure everyone stays honest. This also ties into our rules regarding cheating and glitching. Here is some more information on that as well.

Sticking within the realm of fair play; We don’t allow “griefing”, in any form. This will boil down to harassing other people (or “randoms”) in free roam, be it verbally, or with actions. Now, this does not mean we just take whatever they dish out. If someone attacks you, or any member of our crew, feel free to teach them a well-deserved lesson.

Bearing this in mind, if we don’t allow this sort of behaviour for “randoms” then it goes without saying that it will not be tolerated towards any of our crew members (this includes recruits that have not yet received their crew tag.) Everyone is here to have a good time, so we don’t take kindly to people who want to be a burden or aggravation to everyone else. We always encourage our members to keep our staff informed of any member who is being disruptive or rude.

Speaking of staff; Our staff are very dedicated to our crew, unfortunately, they do have lives, and this often involves work, or life in general. So they may not always be around when you are. Having said that; The staff monitor the crew as much as possible, when its humanly possible. So sending them a message via our web page will often get a response fairly quickly. Also remember that they are human (well, mostly anyway), so unless they are around when things go wrong, or if people tell them things went wrong, they wont know about it, so do let them know about any issues you have with the crew, or the community.

Now that community has raised its head; We like to view our crew as a community, a place where a bunch of guys (and girls, yes, they do exist on the internet) get together to have some fun in a game. We as a crew try to emphasize the “fun” part of things.
This is to say: we are not a heist crew, and we are not a “grind” crew. We aren’t saying people must be broke, and with any online game, a specific amount of grind is required to get all those shiny things. It is just not the be all and end all.

We have a dedicated team of staff who spend every waking minute chained to a wall (okay, not really, but they do work hard at it) to think of and host events for the sheer fun factor. So while we don’t mind the grind, if we encounter members that are selfish or only partake in activities (free roam, or dedicated events) that only further their own personal gain, they may be asked to either cease and desist, or find themselves a new home.

Which brings me firmly to: “Location, location, location.” Truer words have not been spoken. Fair enough, this is not in the same context, but it still rings true for our crew. When you are doing anything with the crew, or in the same sessions as the crew, you must be in Team Speak. Why? Because communication is a key factor of our crew, it helps to know who is who, and who is doing what, lest you accidentally find yourself on the receiving end of this year’s latest model of high explosive weaponry.

Lastly we will discuss our weaponry; The Banhammer (patent pending)

We do NOT ban people lightly, and definitely not for stupid reasons. EVER.

If we find members in breach of any rule, or for misconduct, we will talk to the member first. We try sort it out and verify all findings before we are (and I mean this next word) forced to remove the member. We may be strict, and have a very specific direction we want our crew to go in, but we are not unfair.

Since you now have some more information about us, I hope that you enjoy your stay, or apply to join us, if you still think that this could be a home for you. If not, we harbour no hard feelings.

If you still have questions, feel free to contact one of our staff on Team Speak, I am sure they will be able to clarify anything you are not sure about.
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