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[Pinned] Event Ideas
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[Pinned] Event Ideas

Post your ideas for crew events here!Want to create/lead events yourself?-Leave a message! :)
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[Pinned] Kicked Members (+ reason)

This is a list of all the members that have been kicked for a special kind of reason. Just for transparency purposes and to avoid possible confusion about the absence of certain members.1. ShiaTheMLGProCheating and lying about it. Banned him month...
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[Pinned] Site Feedback
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[Pinned] Site Feedback

Hey everyone,What do you think about this site?Any good things? And what are points that can be improved?
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im sorry but it was urgent.

allright, first of all, im sorry for going silent for so long. but here are my some of you may or may not know. there has been a tsunami on Greenland. i am currently patrolling the area looking for missing people.recommend you look up g...
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How do i join the gang then?My application has not become unauthorised for me to view so i have no idea.
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What kind of Races?

I was wondering what kind of races you guys/girls like to do?Like stunt races, normal races, long race, short race, open track or closed track?Let me know your opinion or vote in the pollCheers Jimmy
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For Fulk Sake

Hey guys, im sorry for missing the event last night. to see that it was a good meeting feels nice:). i blacked-out last night after heavy throwing up, i went to the hospital and they kept me there till 3AM. they did some test and it turned out i h...
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Free 200k from r*

For anyone needing to make a quick buck, Rockstar is giving $200,000 to everyone that signs up to the mailing list before June 27th and stays subscribed until July 4th
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Internet is down

I don't have a clue why but unfortunately my Internet is down, I don't know for how long but I am hoping it's just for the day or a couple of hours! The boredom is killing me thank fuck I have mobile data
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I will be absent in the next couple of weeks until I solve my PC problems.

Hey guys. Lately I have had a lot of problems with my brand new PC. It seems that a hardware is failing and I cannot seem to determine which one is the faulty one. Thank you Naralin for taking your time to help me find a solution, but I still don'...
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In the Crosshairs - Driwee AKA Overlord

Hi SOPO scoundrels, We've made up for last week by doubling down on one of our most infamous members; be sure to check it out on the Steam AnnouncementsPlease feel free to comment, rate etc. (please do so on Steam too!). Reply on this thread if y...
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My absence

Just want to apologies for not being on over the weekend! was away from home but I will be on tonight! Thanks!
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show your RL Car!

i'll take a headstartPeugeot 106 1.1 Accent (totally rebuild)and the 2nd love of my lifeThere will be lots more done to the car!
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IRL Personal Vehicles

Hey guys,I'm not sure if there's a certain off-topic thread I should be posting this but this is the best place I could find to have the conversation 👍🏼In my 24 hours of being in SP I've picked up that you guys are big on your racing and cars :) s...
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The DLC Shooting Range Thread.

Hey guys. I spent some money for the shooting range as I love shooting stuff up. How are you guys doing? Until now this is my stats:Pistol 0 out of 3 starsSMG 0 out of 3 starsAssault Rifle 3 out of 3 starsCarbine Rifle 3 out of 3 starsCombat MG 3 ...
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Steam names

Register your Social Club name in this Steam thread.Is your name on the list below? Stop sleeping and fill in your SC name. Anyone on the list that you know? Tell him to get his ass over to the Steam group and stop slacking!7 days left until every...
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Amazing Welcome

Just want to say thank you to the Solid Points crew/family , ino i am only a recruit but so far everyone has been amazing and full of helpful info ! everything runs so smoothly and having no problems with anyone ! thanks again
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Rip solo public sessions?

With the new DLC I hear the alt+enter thinghy isn't working anymore. Anyone managed to get into a solo public session until now?
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Profit in Gunrunning is broken?

Anyone made money in this DLC? Because I seem to have invested millions and I've played a lot and my research is barelly up by a notch. I mean, the bunker itself takes 9000 money from my pocket every day (or every 48 minutes in game). And it seems...
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