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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Vehicle Stats - chart

The next chart is very useful if you want to compare vehicles.For example information about top speed, car weight and more.Click here for the chart
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] MC businesses profits

This spreadsheet shows exactly how much each of the businesses cost, what the profits are, and how many times you need to sell to get your invested money back.Check it out if you're considering to buy one of the businesses. Or if you want to compa...
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Strategies & Guides

[GUIDE] GTA Optimization Guide

Just wanted to share this optimization guide for graphics/performance in GTA. I first used it two years ago when the game just got out, and still go back there sometimes if I want to compare settings.It's really detailed, full of comparison screen...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Import/Export sets

X80 Proto: M4K3B4NK T20: D3V1L Osiris: SL33K Cheetah: buzz3d Tyrus: c1trus FMJ: c4tchm3 Entity XF: ov3rfl0d Coquette Blackfin: v1ntag3 Nightshade: th370s Feltzer: pow3rful 811: sl1ck Bestia GTS: be4sty Sabre Custom Turbo: bounc3 Tampa: C...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Bikers DLC - Roles / Titles

Available Roles / Titles:President- Purchase a Clubhouse with bike garage, bike mechanic and more.- Start challenges and contract missions in free-mode.- Buy criminal businesses (counterfeit, cocaine, meth, documents, weed), supply them and sell ...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Level Unlocks

List of all unlockables:Weapons Level 1: Pistol, Knife Level 3: Nightstick Level 5: Super Light Armor, Micro SMG Level 9: Combat Pistol Level 10: Light Armor Level 11: SMG, Parachute Level 13: Tear Gas Level 15: Standard Armor, Grenades L...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Mission Payouts

Completing missions rewards the player with Job Points (JP), Money ($), and Reputation Points (RP).More details can be found here...Best Missions for RP can be found here...Mission Payouts (For Money) Is a time-scale based system. There is a maxim...
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Strategies & Guides

[GUIDE] How to fly

[GUIDE] How to fly Some people told me they don't really like flying.For those people I made this guide and used a video for it.Remember to remap the controls to the video ones while testing it. shou...
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Strategies & Guides

[GUIDE] How to Parachute/Dropzone

Here comes my guide how to become a better guy at parachuting...Default Controls with Keyboard on PC:Q - Make a sharp right turnE - Make a sharp left turn.A - Make a left turnD - Make a right turnS - Go up and slower.W - Go down pretty quicklySHIF...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] All Jobs

A list of all jobs... More details from RockstarTitels can be clicked on for more information on the GTA WikiDeathmatchDeathmatches in GTA Online appear as multi-team and free for all (FFA). Standard deathmatch rules apply, where the team or playe...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Missions for best RP

Best missions to get the highest amount of RP. Variations from 3850 ~ 4900 RP for solo player.Get more with playing with friends and crew members watch this topic!Missions - (Co-operative, with RP and amount of players)Satellite Communications ~ 4...
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Strategies & Guides

[INFO] Pegasus Spawn Locations - map

This map is useful for a few things: Pegasus spawn locations (land, heli, plane, boat) Most of the buildings with an interior that you can enter Locations where you can anchor your Yacht Stores and some more stuff It's better to download the ...
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