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I'm just going to state the obvious.....

.... for anyone who hasn't yet been informed. ALL this bullshit we have to endure from hackers is because Rockstar don't host the game themselves. This is also why sessions can be buggy, laggy etc. AND why each session has a player cap. *throws to...
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How to lose all your outfits without trying

For those who didn't know, it is possible to lose all your saved outfits on GTA online. What's scary is that there isn't a specific reason as to why this happens.From my experience, I have lost my outfits three times now. This hasn't happened duri...
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video card errors

I assume this isn't just for GTA support? If so, please move the thread. Does this look like a problem to you too? Of course some of the tests ran cleanly, but others clearly do not. I found another slightly easier to use too, but it only found an...
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