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[Game] Word Equivalence

Post a word that is related to the word posted above you.First word: Trevor
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[Game] One Word Story

Take turns to write down a word, creating a 'one word story'.The story will obviously get crazy, but please keep the structure of a sentence alive :-)For the finished previous story, click here.First word is: Jimmy
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Victor's Asylum

Welcome to the dark net of SOPOPrepare for some of the weirdest shit you'll find on the webz, all concentrated in this murky dungeon that I like to call home.(don't worry, I'll give fair warnings for NSFW content)
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I believe I've found our crew in real life

Hey guys. I was on facebook when I suddenly found our crew in another universe. This is so us whenever we gather together for an event.., I'm pretty sure that the g...
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Funny quotes

Use this thread to share quotes from crewmates that you think should be remembered.
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Awesome Pick-Up Lines

Be all smooth, get lit AF legit and slide over to your girl and say:"Did you know a camel has a perfectly straight spine?"Sit back and wait for her pants to fall off. Dank.
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Funny ex-member stats

That moment when you are checking some member stats and you end up on Huffleshark's profile...Nice cash bro. 134M spent at lvl 130. Probably shark cards yea ;-) I remember now that he always bought those in pairs.Look at his races though, holy shi...
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Funny Ingame Screens

So Bruce decided it would be cool to play Videogames in Videogames how is he doing it xD?
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You play battlefield 1??Naralin
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R* being as supportive as ever...

Karen D. can go succ my D ,Thank you.
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This never fails....

..... to make me giggle like a schoolgirl.
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gg mechanic

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I feel like we should have a roleplaying event

I present only one piece of evidence to support this statement but I feel it's more than enough.
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Harry Partridge - NSFW

Doesn't QUITE belong in "The Asylum" but some of this guys animations are absolute comedy gold:The Justin Bieber Show maybe that on belongs in the asylum but I'm on a roll)American Akira
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Found this while sorting through my stuff

Apparently when i was 3 years old i had my hand dipped into red paint and pressed my hand against some paper. And it looks just like our crew emblem :P
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