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Computer tips & tricks

Fixing the W10 Fall Creators Update

Some of you, myself included, have been stung by this update, especially in GTA. I'm on my phone right now so my apologies if the exact terminology is a bit off but here's how to fix some of the issues:- Make sure DVR is off in Xbox app (update ni...
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Computer tips & tricks

What's your security/tweak setup?

Hey guys,This part of the forum seems a little sparse and who doesn't want to stay on top of antivirus and optimal performance etc.?I use:Avira with Avast as backupMBAMSpybot S&DCCleanerP..S. Any advice or preference on the above is also welco...
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Computer tips & tricks

Delete bloatware from Windows 10

Hey community,Here is a simple script that I use to remove all the bloatware from a fresh install (or older) of Windows 10But first you have to enable your powershell to be able to run scripts.You do this by running the command set-executionpolicy...
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Computer tips & tricks

How to turn off UAC (User Account Control)

What does this do?It removes all the messages like... (Are you sure? You want to proceed? You want to open this file?) Press: Windows Key. Type: UAC. Press: Enter.Drag: The slider to the bottom.
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