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[Pinned] Crew Videos - ideas / plans

Did you make a video, or do you simply have ideas for new videos on the crew's Youtube channel?Let's use this thread for stuff like that.
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Fulkinini2119Small Fulkinini 144d
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'Vinewood Studios' Member Video Challenge
Small Fulkinini 10d
Fulkinini119Small Fulkinini 10d
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Gunsexual Teaser
Small Fulkinini 19d
Fulkinini566Small JordanDino 19d
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Epic Heist Film me what you think and your reasons why and enjoy. (Footage from crew heist event)
Small THE_DARK_DUKE129 23d
THE_DARK_DUKE129263Small Fulkinini 23d
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Faggio Escape
Small Fulkinini 28d
Fulkinini347Small JordanDino 27d
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SOPO Introduction video

Was working on an introduction video the past few days. May be nice for potential new members to see what our crew is like before they join. The logo-morph was made by Naralin by the way.
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Fulkinini9202Small RusATiLa 59d
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Sandking event

Video of the 'Sandking Carnage' event we had 3 days ago:
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Fulkinini8111Member avatar small Zents21 62d
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Air Force event

We need more people making these videos :)
Small Fulkinini 73d
Fulkinini8125Small BruceAlmighty120 69d
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SWAT Surfing

This part of a GTA compilation video (at 2:10 min) made me laugh, so just wanted to share it ^^
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Fulkinini121Small Fulkinini 75d
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Skydiving Event "Learning to Fly"

Video of our skydiving event. red MrBossFTW arrow)
Small Fulkinini 78d
Fulkinini565Small JordanDino 78d
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Ehsassin's Youtube Video Post Thread Thing

Hey everyone, I'll post all my youtube stunt videos here whenever I upload.Here's my second stunt video
Small Ehsassin 136d
Ehsassin10248Small Ehsassin 95d
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Valentine's Day event (Roosevelt battle)

Feb 14, 2017
Small Fulkinini 124d
Fulkinini175Small Fulkinini 124d
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Huffle, is that you?
Small Fulkinini 164d
Fulkinini11332Member avatar small Hufflepug 128d
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Kuruma Tribute - car meet & cruise
Small Fulkinini 137d
Fulkinini156Small Fulkinini 137d
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Pacific finale run #2 (cinematic)

Second run. In cinematic camera this time (except for the run from the bank to the bikes). With Dewey, Jimmy and Hazan ;)
Small Fulkinini 141d
Fulkinini179Small Fulkinini 141d
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Pacific finale run #1

Recording the pac finale with Huffle, Jimmy and Dipsi.
Small Fulkinini 143d
Fulkinini156Small Fulkinini 143d
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Spray and pray

Some people when assisted-aim is off:
Small Fulkinini 149d
Fulkinini4138Small Sunerat 148d
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BMX tricks are getting more and more ridiculous

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ..
Small -AGGE- 149d
-AGGE-287Small Fulkinini 149d
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Institutionalized 2014

This is a cover/remake of a song I listened to (way back when I was a kid) that I found quite interesting. Warning: explicit lyrics. The original plays on Channel X. Enjoy!
Small BruceAlmighty120 175d
BruceAlmighty1204120Small Fulkinini 174d
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My first GTA 5 Stunt Video

Hey guys, I just made my first ever GTA 5 Stunt Video, and since we are a GTA Clan, thought I might as well show you guys.
Small Ehsassin 176d
Ehsassin2101Small Fulkinini 176d