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[Pinned] [CMM] Hall of fame

List of honourThis plaque attests thatthe following men and women of Solid Pointshave teamed up to complete theCriminal Mastermind challenge (CMM)Team 1January 2nd, 2017TheMysticOwl (lvl 43)BruceAlmighty120 (lvl 130)D72DEWEY (lvl 294)Driwee (lvl ...
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[Pinned] Heist 1/5 - Fleeca

The Fleeca Job Fleeca Job Dilemma:Person A, B, C, D want to do the Criminal Mastermind challenge.Person A and B do Fleeca Job together.Person C and D do Fleeca Job together.Person A, B, C, D do Prison ...
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[Pinned] Heist 2/5 - Prison Break

Prison Break out: Make sure you have a great pilot - The Plane Make sure only one get in the Prison Bus to avoid the Infinite Cop Clitch - The Bus Make sure to not enter the police station with a g...
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[Pinned] Heist 3/5 - The Humane Labs

The Humane Labs Raid out: Make sure to coordinate well with your team and who shoots what - Key Cards Make sure to stay together so not more merryweather spawns, keep driving! - Insurgents Make sur...
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[Pinned] Heist 4/5 - Series A Funding

Series A Funding out: Make sure to not get overwhelmed by enemies, be a good shooter, use snacks and armour. - Coke Make sure to be careful with nearby gas tanks, don't let enemies come to close to ...
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[Pinned] Heist 5/5 - Pacific Standard

The Pacific Standard Job out: Make sure to not bump the vans or shoot the drivers - Vans Make sure to use snacks and armour, not go all in the same vehicle because of the Infinite Cop Glitch - Signa...
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[Pinned] [CMM] Info & FAQ

[Pinned] [CMM] Info & FAQ

Criminal Mastermind Is an in-game award that upon completion, rewards you with a delicious $10.000.000 GTA Dollars. In Addition: If you haven't done the All in Order and Loyalty awards, those awards each give you $1.000.000 and can and WILL add up...
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[Pinned] [CMM] Safety Measures

Safety Measures and Tips (Part 1/2)Rank:120/135It is advised to be rank 120, so that you can use the minigun.And it is best if you are rank 135, because then you can buy the max amount of armor, which is a total of 10.Mics:It is important that eve...
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[CMM]We're going for it!

The team: Astireloth [SWE] Chrizze Pokotti897FIN AlphaDamage We'll start today and try to finish it during this week. Wish us luck, everybody! 😎
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Astireloth114Small Astireloth 2h

Help me with series A then Pacific Standard

Ok so i need 2 people to help us out with what is listed in the title. My steam name is Fred wroolie. Add me and ill message you.
Member avatar small Sirr_Fred 23h
Sirr_Fred214Small Fulkinini 22h

CMM Challenge request - Crotchsh0t

Hello, I'm planning to do the CMM challenge on this weekend (10 - 11/06), if anyone wants to join me please feel free to notify me. Thanks.
Small Crotchsh0t 19d
Crotchsh0t591Small Smokypace14 16d

Help with Prison Break elite challenge, Series A elite challenge, Humane labs elite challenge

So, I have already done Fleeca Elite and Pac Standard Elite Challenge. I would like it if you help me complete Prison Break elite challenge, Series elite challenge and Humane Labs elite challenge.If you want to help add a comment down below.
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ericgta4678234Small BruceAlmighty120 17d


Looking for ppl to finally compelete the cmm Jobif someone intersted let me know 😂
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Planning A Criminal Mastermind Challenge...

Hi everyone.. as you know, I currently have modded money in my GTA account.. as soon as it gets removed by R*, I want to form a crew of 4 to start and successfully finish the Criminal Mastermind Challenge.. if anyone's interested, you can type dow...
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TheTeddyPicker263Member avatar small 1MiLion 38d

Criminal Master Mind

Hello me Naralin and ExpensiveMagic need another person for the cmm if you want to join us just type your social club name and when you play
Small ImSoEz 79d
ImSoEz15260Small JimmyPanfluit 38d

Criminal Mastermind

If anyone wants to join, let me know.
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giorgosfran289Small Giganticgrunt7 48d

Got it done!!!

I got all my elite challenges done :D
Small Scarlet91 60d
Scarlet917108Small SnipyTheTurtle 49d

CMM Reqest

Hi, I'm Smoky (smokypace14) and I'm looking to find a group of people to do CMM. I appreciate all those that show interest.#1: Smokypace14 (host) #2: UncleDouk#3: Giganticgrunt7#4: VACANT
Small Smokypace14 57d
Smokypace148246Small Fulkinini 53d

Money making n00b!

Somebody up for helping the n00b with heists?
Small Alexanderswe1 59d
Alexanderswe1266Small Fulkinini 59d

Fleeca Elite

Finally!!!. I don't know after how many tries, I got the Fleeca elite done.
Small Scarlet91 66d
Scarlet91475Small BruceAlmighty120 65d