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Crew vs Crew

Upcoming crew battle

A week ago, I made a poll to see who is interested in participating in the upcoming Crew vs Crew battle against the (in)famous Reapers MC. A match in which we have to put various skills to test, decided with races, team deathmatch and a round of S...
Small Fulkinini 182d
Fulkinini6234Small Naralin 33d
Crew vs Crew

Crew Contest vs LeaveNoTrace

WE WON!!!Read more about the day here ___We will be having another Crew vs Crew contest. It will take place on Sunday, May the 14th. Click here for the countdown timer.This time we will compete against a crew called LeaveNoTrace.There will be sev...
Small Fulkinini 67d
Fulkinini18387Small Naralin 46d
Crew vs Crew

We may be challenged soon

I just created a thread in the GTAVCrews 'Competitive' forums. Let's see if any crew is brave enough to face us in a friendly crew vs crew contest:
Small Fulkinini 75d
Fulkinini371Small Sunerat 75d
Crew vs Crew

Another Crew war

is there a Chance we will do another CvC with Deathmatches and races?
Small Sunerat 196d
Sunerat9266Small Sunerat 192d
Crew vs Crew

Crew War vs "Czech -601-"

WE WON !!!Beat our opponents in Team Deathmatch and Sumo. They beat us at Racing.Total:Solid Points 2 - 1 Czech 601We've been challenged for a Crew vs Crew war against the crew "Czech -601-" ! DATE AND TIMETuesday 15 November 2016 - 8:00 PM(Cent...
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Fulkinini12341Small BruceAlmighty120 224d
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