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[Pinned] Modded Money: What To Do

Hi EveryoneAs you may know, there has been a massive surge in modder activity lately, and we have had a few people fall prey to them already.Please be extra vigilant when in public sessions, even if the session is “SOPO only” as the session roster...
Small KatRavens 55d
KatRavens9526Small VictorViolet 39d
Modded Stats

Modded Money [Atlas]

Still new to the game, thought it was some sort of game mode, ran around collecting bags of cash only to later be informed it was modded money -_- well at least I'll know it when I see it next we go
Small Atlas005 17d
Atlas005569Small Atlas005 3d
Modded Stats

Rockstar Confirmations

Hi guys,Just a quick tip; if you're struggling to prove how much modded money they swept, open another ticket and ask. They'll respond asking you to confirm by email and then give the exact figures; took me less than 24 hours :)- VV
Small VictorViolet 6d
VictorViolet798Small Sumeetmitroo18 4d
Modded Stats

Modded Money ? [WIELJW]

I was playing a DM , got disconnected and went to a new session then I receive 20k and some RP out of nowhere.
Small WIELJW 11d
Modded Stats

Modded Money (Asmiree)

So yesterday i was playing with the crew and all we did some races were in teamspeak and then i had to go to the toilet after a race when i came back a modder gave me 1.6 mill i immediatly told kat and he said to me to get a screenshot and post it...
Member avatar small Asmiree 56d
Asmiree15264Small VictorViolet 12d
Modded Stats

modded money [kaidou]

it happened again i have recieved 500K today at 21:30 gmt+1
Small KAIDOUdib 16d
KAIDOUdib357Small KAIDOUdib 14d
Modded Stats

First time for everything.

After avoiding modded money for a while I finally got some as well. Yay, right? Was playing golf, on the loading screen out of a round I started hearing a plingy noise.I disconnected as fast as I could but I received $1,350,000. Reported it to Roc...
Small UncleDouk 38d
UncleDouk13208Small VictorViolet 15d
Modded Stats

Modded Cash (CrotchSh0t)

Received 450K in modded cash from a public SOPO filled public session. I suspect it was a user named Adept that was chatting about his mod.
Small Crotchsh0t 17d
Crotchsh0t890Small Fulkinini 15d
Modded Stats

I was modded as well

I was modded a couple weeks back and R* has adjusted that amount in the sum of $3.5 million.
Small SGTSTIX 15d
SGTSTIX352Small Fulkinini 15d
Modded Stats

[Modded Money] Smoky

Hi,I got modded money from a modder.Dear Rockstar,I was given money illegitimately. See details belowDate: 17/05/2017Time: 18:55-19:00 (GMT +1)How it happened: While doing a cargo mission, all players were teleported in Maze bank and we were getti...
Small Smokypace14 42d
Smokypace147136Small Smokypace14 15d
Modded Stats

I'm finally in the Modded money club

I received modded money (around 20K) today in a crew public session. other crew members in the session were:SgtstixKatravensLebadiesExpurgobossCrotchshotDJTooneKaidouRigorMortis_FTWHere's my ticket to rockstar:
Small Giganticgrunt7 17d
Giganticgrunt7363Small Smokypace14 16d
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Modded Money HugLifee

already made a ticket and got a reply from R*
Small HugLifee 16d
HugLifee126Small HugLifee 16d
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modded money (Expurgoboss)

I got modded money...300k
Member avatar small Expurgoboss 16d
Expurgoboss124Member avatar small Expurgoboss 16d
Modded Stats

Modded stats (Kat)

So this was bound to happen at some point I guess....I was lucky to only receive a small amount of cash compared to others.As a note: People who were with me in the session:StixHighClaszAlexJertaJohn MunchI am not sure how much funds they received...
Small KatRavens 34d
KatRavens5123Small KatRavens 17d
Modded Stats

Modded Money (TJ)

I was playing in a public session on my own on 11/06/2017 at approx 21:20(GMT) when I received unwanted cash from a player in the session In total I received around 452,555 in illegitimate fundsI have sent a ticket to R*
Small TJHalliwell 17d
TJHalliwell322Small Smokypace14 17d
Modded Stats

Modded Money (TJ)

I was playing in a public session on my own on 10/06/2017 at approx 23:35(GMT) when I received unwanted cash from a player in the session In total I received around 4,700,229 in illegitimate fundsI have sent a ticket to R*
Small TJHalliwell 17d
TJHalliwell569Small TJHalliwell 17d
Modded Stats


2.3 million original, reported .. in some other thread .. 1 million a bit ago when thrown into a random session, happened during cloud simulator.
Member avatar small Mordraug420 19d
Mordraug420679Small BruceAlmighty120 19d
Modded Stats

Got more money

Found 20p under a sofa cushion (see screen) should I submit another ticket?
Small VictorViolet 21d
VictorViolet8100Small VictorViolet 21d
Modded Stats

Got money

I was in a loading screen - was careless and got 1.3 mil before I could F4.Sorry guys - I should have been more aware. I haven't spent it and sent a ticket in as per this screenshot.
Small CelixTheFat 21d
CelixTheFat459Small CelixTheFat 21d
Modded Stats

Modded money [Naralin]

Alright guys, I thought I was extremely careful and everything, but here I am, played one game with randoms today and received around 13M. I didn't even notice them until we finished Rus' event 2 hours later as I thought I was cautious enough.
Small Naralin 22d
Naralin123Small Naralin 22d