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Rank: Muscle
Online: 1 day ago
Joined: Mar 21, 2017
Nick Name: Snipy The Turtle
Gender: Male
Country: Canada
State/Province: PEI
City: Charlottetown
Games, Cars, Sports, and of course, Turtles.

A little about me. I guess I would be labeled under the more casual tag when it comes to games. I love RPG's, Simulation and Strategy games like Persona, Gran Turismo, and Civilization games as just examples. Cars I adore since I was a kid. One of my early memories of liking a car was my mom's old 1978 Battleship Grey Thunderbird (Which was in the woods in the 90's) turned into our play fort. Sports I love through and through, especially Hockey. I often love hearing people talk about sports of all kinds! And turtles because... I like them!

I am also a proud Canadian and often promote my country and province when I can! This doesn't mean I'm shallow to other cultures, as half the reason I'm here is because of the diverse amount of nationalities that are here in SOPO.

See you all in game!
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