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Treasurer Report 9 June 2017

BruceAlmighty120 / Jun 10, 2017
We report 4 new donations to the crew.

1. KatRavens donated $12.50 - This will certainly cover the costs of another month of TS, not that it is needed at this time! I for 1 certainly appreciate the reliability and availability of the TS server. Thanks Kat!
2. WIELJW donated $5 - mo' money, mo' events yo! Thanks Wieljw, we Wieljwlly appreciate it!
3. Asmir donated $20 - anotha' one. Not a first time donor either, and double the amount? Are you kidding me? We will have to prod the Enterprise crew to schedule even MORE PRIZES for tournaments and events. BIG MONEY, BIG PRIZES, I LOVE IT! Did everyone know about the participation award going on this month? Oooppsss, I did it again.
4. 'AndroidJazz' donated $10 - every dollar donated to the crew is precious. I was really getting tired of calling Lamar on Fulk. Each dollar donated is another that won't have to be mugged out of our leaders pockets to keep things running. Or maybe another event to put a hard earned steam game into a worthy crew members steam account?

Last, but not least, Jordan decided to redonate his $10 2nd prize in the Snapmatic tournament back to the crew. A very worth submission to be sure. Thanks for kicking that back up into the mix to pay it forward! Very generous.

Thanks everyone! Now if I can just avoid the temptation of going to the strip club to make it rain!...


Hey, nice report Brucie! Thats alot of legitimate funds I see for once! #AdmissionFirstWorldProblems
Thanks for the donations, Kat, Wiel, Asmir (and Jordan!) Great to see the support for the community here. Also thanks to the anonymous donation! Could it be that mysterious masked man again, or was the situation different again this time?
Wieljw that was wieljwy good news, wieljw be rich!
His donation is worth more than his internet xD
Don't be so mean on my internet, it gives me the power of 1 shot 3 hits! (as ezze said)
So is that appx 3 shots per Internet?

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