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Treasurer Report 18 June 2017

BruceAlmighty120 / Jun 18, 2017
Correction to tag the member due kudos: The "anonymous" donation from last time was actually none other than AndroidJazz! He just made it difficult for me to track him down when donating! Thanks for the donation AndroidJazz! :) Every dollar is precious and goes to another month on TS or for the website, TS upgrades, or last but not least BIG PRIZES for our contests!

Speaking of which AGGE is now enjoying Battlefield 1 courtesy to his winning snapmatic screenshot above. Yep, a free top tier game (admittedly steeply discounted on origin) just for joining the tournament and submitting a screenshot. Talk about a win!

Other donations to report:
1. Celixthefat donated not once but TWICE in the same reporting period. I try to keep up, I really do. Thanks for all the work you make me do Celix! I totally kid you, sir - thank you very much for the $20 and then ANOTHER $10!
2. UncleDouk donated ANOTHER $16.00 from the "protection money" collected from the stores on his route in Los Santos this week. Now I feel bad for hitting one up just yesterday... I didn't realize they were already paid up and the owner was telling the truth. Oh well, I will send him some flowers in the hospital.
3. Samxzero said "well why not." and donated $20.00 to the crew. I will have to keep prodding the Enterprise team to host even MORE events with MORE prizes!

I speak for all the SOPO staff when I say THANK YOU ALL for your very generous donations!

If/when you are donating, please make my job a little easier by including your name in the comments (and if you want to remain anonymous)! And also be sure to select Friends and Family to avoid any fees Paypal might tack on - just so we can effectively use every hard earned dollar. Real $$$ is a bit harder to come by than in LS... In any case, we are extremely grateful!



I can't find that option on the App, am I better donating on the desktop site to avoid charges?
Really not sure... just check if there are any fees and if you are OK with it I am OK with it. At some point I can see it would be a hassle.
Really nice, guys.

Keep an eye on the calendar and forums for more prized events and contests. Next week we have the Adversary Tournament with a very nice prize. Also another Jack of All Trades tournament is coming up, with a similar prize. The Golf tournament that is going on also caries a small prize and the winner of the Member of the Month award will see his hard work rewarded with something special as well.


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