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In the Crosshairs - BruceAlmighty120!

VictorViolet / Jul 20, 2017
Hey ho SOPO's! We've got a treat for you today in the form of a special ITC article; this week we have Family Delegato and official Treasurer BruceAmighty120. We see the reports, we see the list of valued donations. We use the services the donations paid for (you're reading one of them!) and we win the prizes the donations pay for (I say "we" but lets be honest, it's mostly Douk or Jimmy). Now you get the chance to get to know the man behind it all; so take it away Bruce (and me. And Rus and Smoky too actually; believe it or not, I do have editors):

VictorViolet: You probably saw this one coming but here we go; as you're one of the longest serving members, what do you think has improved the most since the crew's conception?

BruceAlmighty120: When I had joined the website had just been launched. At first I was like WTF where is everybody? The website initially looked pretty good to me, but it has improved along with the rank structure and with the paid upgrade. I also had an initial problem finding people online during my (US) times on weeknights but with our current roster that is no longer a problem of course!

VV: Could you describe a particularly memorable moment for you within the crew?

BA: I guess the first thing that comes to mind is completing CMM with the first team in Solid Points! I found it kind of surprising that no one had completed it prior due to the number of heist guides and talent in the crew. It’s a privilege to have been a part of the first team to do so.

VV: You were in the "First Four" that completed the Criminal Mastermind Challenge within the crew. Any tips for players planning on going for the glory themselves?

BA: Yep. Play it slow and safe. Use armored cars and player saved outfits whenever possible. There’s plenty guides out there but it’s not a replacement for having played them – experience helps especially when something doesn’t go to the plan as it eventually will. Coordinate and communicate – that’s what TS is for! Use snacks and armor. Don’t take it too seriously but do make every effort to just not die. Find or build a team of people you want to spend a good number of hours with. If you have any questions – ask!

VV: Right, on to business. We're paid up for a good while with our subscribed services but have there been any points where we've been "behind on the rent" so to speak?

BA: None since I have taken over as treasurer and I am not aware of any before that. The crew has been extremely generous as a whole and so far the biggest problem is what do we do with all the loot! We are trying to be as efficient as possible with every donated dollar/euro/peso and are closely monitoring TS for yet another capacity upgrade!

VV: How do you manage the donations we receive, aside from the reports we see?

BA: When I took over as treasurer, there was not really a pattern to follow so that was a bit of a moment for me. I wanted to set things up so that everything was transparent to all the staff and as open as possible to the rest of the crew. There is an internal ledger I update practically for every transaction (sometimes I might take a day or 2 to record it depending on RL and sometimes there might be multiple transactions on the same day), so if there is ever any question of what happened or why - it’s all clearly recorded there. I convert everything to USD as a matter of consistency and practicality and that seems to work well to keep things simple. Every payment and prize pool must be agreed on or approved by multiple staff members and I try to encourage input from them all but some are more vocal than others of course.

VV: We're looking at some livestreaming options for Solid Points; as treasurer, how would you feel if we added a giant "Donate" button on it? Better yet, a Patreon account! You've got enough spare time, right?

BA: That would be awesome! It’s all setup on my side so it doesn’t take much to record although it’s a bit crude to be honest. This keeps up I might need a copy of Quick Books or something LOL! Nah that’s not really needed, but would present some nice problems for the Enterprise staff to keep up with prizes, etc.!

VV: As a Delegato and long time Family member, what would you like to see for Solid Points in the future?

BA: Continued growth with quality/cool members. There have been a good number of recent posts of everyone willing to help out people that lost a big sale or similar and I hope that spirit continues to grow. I’d also like to see more people step up and get more involved in the staff – many hands make light work. Some recent “primetime” weekend events have either hit the cap or were close to it which is awesome.

VV: Aside for your accounting/embezzlement skills, what "discipline" do you specialise in as a GTA player?

BA: I can’t say I have a real specialty so to speak. There most likely is someone in the crew better than me at any single aspect, and there are some really good players in the crew. I like to be my own Jack of All Trades but unfortunately due to RL circumstances I was not able to participate in the tournament on the 15th. Who knows maybe I could have gotten lucky!

VV: I understand you've hosted one of our Golf Tournaments. Have you any plans to include the more "recreational" competitions like tennis, cycling etc.?

BA: Haha, yea somehow I got hooked on Golf when trying to level an alt char’s strength, and then trying for a hole in 1. Although I never hit it I got very close a number of times. My best score so far is -8 (6 birdies, 1 par and 1 eagle). That kind of evolved into a fun tourney for those that participated IMO. Tennis is on the schedule but I don’t know the current status of that.

VV: What's your playstyle? After the hours you've put in, how do you spend your time in San Andreas these days, and why?

BA: I do a bit of everything. I try to join events as much as possible or help other people whenever I can – I don’t really need cash for much, although I did like being able to buy whatever I really wanted from the Gun Running DLC without farming first. I still occasionally do crates/cars/bunker/coke. I just bought a meth/cash MC businesses to just to keep the $ flowing passively for the next big ticket items.

Awesome stuff Bruce, thanks for taking the time. In all seriousness, it's reassuring to know that the donations system we currently have is working and is in Bruce's capable hands. This article is dedicated to all the members who've generously donated and re-donated their own cash, so thank you for that and keep 'em coming!

We've seen some rapid growth still since both the Steam sale and venturing out into social media but the community itself remains as progressive, fun and welcoming as it's ever been. We encourage newer recruits and recently tagged players to familiarise themselves well with the website; although TeamSpeak is the foremost way to communicate the website is the hub of all our activity. We need your pictures, your comments, your musings and whatever other ideas you may have so don't be afraid to lurk like your life depends on it ;).

Solid Points also needs your support online too and as your correspondent I'd like to thank those that are retweeting, upvoting, liking and sharing my activity. I'm only the medium, it's you guys that create the content and therefore you guys that deserve the praise. So get yourselves and your crew noticed by clicking the Social Media tabs and spread the word! We're awesome because.....we Never Rely on Randoms!

Until next time, thanks for reading and DISHWASHING! (I've lost the bingo ball with "goodbye" on it)

- VV

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brilliant interview and well thought out questions as always, keep em coming!

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