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Treasurer Report 6 August 2017

Fulkinini / Aug 06, 2017
The crew's Treasurer Bruce has been complaining about how hard life is on him recently, especially when it comes to figuring out who sends us donations. Thanks, Johnny, for the 10 bucks - whoever you may be! I've decided to get some stress away from him by writing his report instead. The last one he wrote was all the way back in June, so prepare for a list! As much as we like vacations, we don't wanna go searching through tropical paradises to find out where the hell he flew off to with all the money of the crew vault.

DrGer0 - DrGero, or Geronimo as some may know him as, has been around for quite a few months now. He recently decided to donate an amazing amount of $30 to the crew! That new bunker must be paying off, thanks a lot for this. We will put it to a certain good use very soon, in the form of a special event that's being fabricated as we speak. So keep an eye on the event calendar!

CelixTheFat - No mix-up here, guys - it's ya boy Celix again! Greeting us from the ever sunny Portugal. He has been joining so many events that he thought he would be giving us a helping hand in financing the prizes. A generous donation of $19, which is his third in not even three months now.

AndroidJazz - Even though he is taking it a bit easy regarding playing video games these times, Android still hasn't forgotten about us. He sent Bruce a love letter, attaching $10 and expressing how much he missed thrashing randoms who mess with the crew. We'll probably see him back in LS soon.

UncleDouk - Douk was starting to feel a bit guilty for winning all those events recently. Passing down his prize a few times to the contestant who finished below him wasn't enough. He decided to ensure some extra funds in the event prize pool, for when he is back from vacation as hopefully a full member of Rus his Enterprise squad! $15 was added to the vault.

VictorViolet - This man deserves another biscuit. Having been a key element in our crew's most recent victory of reclaiming the precious 'Crew of the Month' award on, he decided to celebrate by donating anotha $12,50. I'm afraid this will scare him off, but I'm gonna say it anyway; it's the 4th time he has donated! Not even gonna mention his tremendous public relations and promotion related support for the crew, because y'all should be following that closely by now!

JimmyPanfluit - The official SOPO racing host, ready to bring you the latest and best racing events and tournaments, has donated himself again! Twice in a pretty short period, this time even more, in the form of $20. He immediately used $15 of that for his recent 'Racing Day' event, which was held last Friday. SteepShot received the prize, so congratulations to him and thanks to Jimmy!

SnipyTheTurtle - Chris? Is that you? We received $30 from a random 'Chris', so we were assuming it was you. Speak about a cumbag, a generous amount. Even more so considering he also donated to the TeamSpeak subscription back in the days when we didn't have the PayPal account yet. Thanks a lot, dude :)! If someone's reading this and thinks "hey, that was my donated 30 bucks, you fuck!" then feel free to comment below.


Nice one, was just sitting back with a cold one and thinking "yea I should get to that report now" and now I get to game a bit more instead! Cheers!
I take it "cumbag" was a intended typo for Snipy?
Everyone loves a good cumbag story.
I like being a Cumbag ;) Also, that was me. Sorry, back from the dead and forgot common things like names, personal hygiene, leaving the seat down, etc.
lol "cumbag" I feel as if i've missed out on a certain run of events here!

Well done guys, Definitely a worthy contribution by all

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