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Fare well
Hello everyone,

I am hereby disabling the active crew part* of Solid Points.

A while ago I decided to discontinue the events until further notice. Along with those changes, I informed the complete staff team very clearly (in a group PM discussion) that I didn't want there to be any events at all for a short while, so that everyone had a chance to fully realise the fact that there has been a huge lack of crew support.

In this group PM, I was asked whether the events could continue at some point in the future. My answer was that I was indeed open to implement the events again at some point soon, but that I wanted some time without any events at all - for the dust to settle and for everyone to understand why the events were stopped in the first place. I literally explained that I was willing to open up the calendar on the SOPO Steam group, so that events could be hosted again - just not yet. There was no objection to this from anyone.

Today, to my surprise, I found out that these very same staff members who agreed to the above, had created a group to host events themselves.

Not only does that completely undermine the desired effect of a temporary discontinuation of events, it also shows that what I ask is apparently being ignored entirely.

If the only response to my decision of temporarily discontinuing the events, is to disregard me and to start something up behind my back, then my response is "okay then".

Apparently it was too much to ask to not have events for a few weeks after which we would reimplement the calendar together. Ironically the whole idea of doing these events was created by me in the first place and 95% of all events ever hosted was done so by me, but let's forget about that for a moment. If the decision is to not give a damn about my request of not having events for a lil' while due to above-mentioned reasons, then I am done caring. You want to do it without me? Fine. I wish you good luck.

My apologies go out to the people who had nothing to do with this. Hopefully you can realise that I'm simply not very keen on getting stabbed in the back yet another time. I wish you the best in your further lives. Feel free to find me on Steam.

To those who believe I am selfish (/childish), ask yourself this: Would you be willing to work a thankless job for more than 1.5 years with way too little support, and then have your staff members turn their back onto you by fully disregarding a decision you had to make? I certainly do not.

Peace. I'm out.


SOPO GTAV (May 22, 2016 - Mar 12, 2018)

* The name Solid Points (SOPO) will be kept alive by myself, as a brand for a future GTA 6 crew as well as possibly for other games, so refrain from using these names. The website domain, Social Club, Steam, Twitch, Youtube, names and motto will therefore not be deleted.